Welcome to Benjamin Barton v2.0

About this blog

I’ve decided to start a new blog. Many Both of my regular readers will note that my old blog is now shut down. The pages have been archived and saved, and there is a chance it may come to light again in future but I don’t think that’s going to happen, not for a fair while anyway.

Why the change?

Well, here’s the thing, in political terms the old blog was becoming far too contentious. I’ve tried to keep a wide portfolio and not be finite about my interests, but it’s difficult to speak with any integrity if one is slagging off one person one week and then is nice as pie to them face to face.

As my political profile has risen I noticed that what I was saying came under increased scrutiny. That’s the problem with politics, there’s always someone waiting to criticise, you know, what words you use and the order you choose to put them in.

I decided that the best course of action was to “rebrand”.

Objectives achieved

The reason I started “Benjamin Barton for MP” is obvious. What I didn’t achieve was the ultimate goal but there were so many things I wanted to achieve and I feel I have. As I am not running for MP any more there really isn’t any point in me keeping that blog open. I think it’s time to mothball it.

What to expect

With the new blog, there will basically be a lot of the old stuff in it, like facts you never knew about cornflakes, to deeply inappropriate comments about open murder inquiries, to fascinating legal points. The only thing you’ll find missing is obnoxious, sometimes arrogant but always correct comments about domestic politics.



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